Wednesday, May 25, 2016

avy's faves: board books | may 2016.

It's been awhile! That could be due, in part, to the fact that recently Avy's faves were not going to sleep and not staying asleep...but we have gotten over that hump, thank goodness. I think she decided to hit her 18 month sleep regression a little early. Overachiever.

Another thing this little overachiever has been up to? Oh, just walking, running even, all casual like she's been doing it forever. She went from tentatively cruising on walls and furniture one day to running laps around the house the next. Yet another reason why mama = tired! we're back with another installment of Avy's Faves.

Star Wars Epic Yarns: The Empire Strikes Back by Jack & Holman Wang

Oh. My. Goodness. How cute is this series?!? The original Star Wars trilogy, retold with one-word descriptions of beautiful felted scenes. Avery adores this one. The kid has good taste; she knows which Star Wars episode is the best. Her favorite character is Yoda (Mommy does a pretty mean Yoda voice), so this is of course her fave since Yoda features on two pages.

Sleep (Baby Faces) by Roberta Grobel Intrater

We love reading this one at bedtime. Avy loves looking at the babies' faces, and the short, sleepy, soothing text. She cuddles into Mom when it says to "cuddle away," and turns around to give me a kiss when it shows a mom giving a baby a kiss. So cute!

Night-Night, Forest Friends by Annie Bach

We read this one most nights before bed, too. It was a sweet gift from my friend Laura and her little boy, Chase, and it is an adorable one! Avery is all about animals, so she loves seeing each family of animals (which, I might add, appear to be diverse kinds of families--always nice) settle down for the night. Then on the last page, when you see all the animal families at once as they all drift off to sleep, Avy always waves at all the animals and says, "Bye-bye!"

Well, that's all for the third edition of Avy's Faves! Her book collection needs some new additions, I've noticed, so hopefully we'll have some fun new ones to share next month.

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