<<>>About the Library Faerie<<>>

My name is Anna, and I wear many hats!  (I should start doing neck exercises…they’re starting to get heavy.)  I am a wife, an artist, a children’s librarian, a crafter, a writer, a sometimes-musician, an avid foodie who loves to cook & entertain, a traveler, an outdoors-enthusiast, a HUGE nerd, and of course, an incurable bookworm.

I live in the Midwest with my hubby & BFF, Mike; our two pups, Bean + Link; and our daughter, Avery Amelia.  You can often find us going to museums, concerts, yard sales, farmers’ markets, movies, parks, new restaurants, drive-in movies, or other such adventures for fun…when we’re not totally absorbed with watching a show in one sitting on Netflix.  Or curled up with a good book for hours.

I love creating things!  I dabble in many creative hobbies, including making jewelry from vintage buttons and other pretties (which I sell on Etsy from time to time), drawing, painting, and writing. I even have hopes to be a children's book author and illustrator one day, "when I grow up!"

This blog is my little corner of the internets to share the things I love, inform & entertain, and make friends along the way!

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