<<>>Want to be my blog friend?<<>>

I don't have any kind of paid sponsorship program or anything like that going on right now, but if you're interested in swapping buttons, just get in contact with me and let me know! 

>>If you're going to create a blog button for me to add to my sidebar, I prefer it to be sized 125 x 112.  Let me know if you need help creating one and I can give you a hand!

>>If you'd like to feature a blog button of mine on your blog, thanks!!  You can grab the one on the bottom right sidebar, or contact me and I'll create one to whatever specifications you'd prefer.

>>Also, if you're interested in hosting a giveaway or want me to review a crafty product or something, or you'd like ME to do that on YOUR blog, I'm open to ideas--just drop me a line!

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