Tuesday, January 10, 2017

long time, no see!

Well, hey! Long time, no see!

To say that life has been a bit crazy lately (hence the blog absence) would be a huge understatement. An understatement TIMES TWO.

Two, as in, since I've blogged here last I've become pregnant with TWINS.


Other life events include the care and raising of a toddler (Avery is 21 months old now) and leaving the library to become a full-time stay-at-home-mom, which I did shortly before Christmas.

I've been a busy bee with all this, as you might imagine! And the busy-ness will be morphing and changing constantly, but will certainly not be subsiding for the next...18 years...

So. Though I am going to have my hands full post-library, I still hope to find my way back to this space on a sparse-but-regular-ish basis. Call me crazy, but with everything else on my plate, I have a few ideas in the works, including...

-Finding time to read again, and doing some more good ol' book blogging here again.

-Hopefully finding time to work on my new project, Geekling Academy. It's an Etsy shop, blog, and Instagram dedicated to sharing geeky fun and educational activities to do with toddlers on up. I've got to find fun and creative ways to keep Avery busy, and I thought I may as well share all that with others, while I'm at it!

If you are reading this, thank you! I hope to be back with some good stuff of both the bookish and mom-ish variety in the very near future. Expect a fair amount of the mom-ish stuff. It is certainly going to be a huge part of my life from here on out, more than ever!

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