Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5 thoughts: captain america - civil war.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...Super Bookworm? Captain Library Faerie? Wonder Mom?

Yeah, I'm still working on the superhero moniker. Not to mention I'm riffing on the wrong superhero universe over here. Sorry, Marvel!

Anywho...I recently saw the new Captain America: Civil War movie--on Mother's Day, as a matter of fact, thanks to my hubby who knew that a geeky date would be right up this mom's alley! I came away from our post-movie discussions with these 5 thoughts:

1> Girls.

Yeah, there are girl characters. Yeah, they join in the general superhero butt-kicking and yeah, one or two of them are actually important-ish to the plot. But as a whole, I feel very underwhelmed of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's treatment of female characters. As a gal myself, I would love to see an awesome female character who I can identify with getting lots of screen time and...dare I say...her own movie! I like the direction they've gone with Black Widow, I guess. I like her personality, at least. But I think she is due for her own film and for the chance to be more than a side character. And the Scarlet Witch? She's definitely not at the forefront of the story, and her wimpy half-formed storyline so far has been a little disappointing, but I'm hoping that with time she will get the chance to become a more prominent character.

Meanwhile, I'm over here not loving all the choices Fox has made with the X-Men movies, but loving the X-Men all the same because of all the cool female characters who get basically equal screen time and importance with their dude counterparts.

And I'm SUPER excited for the Wonder Woman movie (DC again, I know).

2> Black Panther.

I don't know much about Black Panther! But he seems pretty awesome. I am excited to see where his story goes. But *whine, whine* I still think Black Widow deserves her own standalone first. She has definitely put in her time!

3> Bugs.

I think my favorite characters in this film were the bugs: Ant-Man and Spider-Man. I love their light, comical touch to their characters! I love their goofy comic relief additions to break up the somber topic at hand. I love the more classic, teenage treatment of Peter Parker. It makes me think of the Spider-Man cartoon I used to watch as a kid! So, as over-saturated as we are with Spider-Man movies, I am now actually looking forward to this one and hoping he does the character justice, finally.

4> Drama.

I know, I know, it's the whole point of the CIVIL WAR storyline--that they're fighting amongst themselves. But the drama between Iron Man and Cap is annoying to me. I don't know why, exactly. It was more well-written than the drama between Batman and Superman in their recent flick. But it still bored me. I guess I'm just a big fan of captivating bad guys (i.e. all the crazies in the Batman universe), so I'd rather see them flesh out and fight against a cool bad guy instead of this kind of plot.

5> Thor?

I missed Thor. I wish he had been in this one. He's my favorite Avenger, after Ant-Man, and not really because of the typical reasons. I'm a sucker for ancient mythology, and I like his character (and Loki!) and how his storyline has been going so far. And I think it would've been cool to see his two cents' worth as an alien god who is kind of above the idea of signing silly UN accords. Hulk, you ask? Did I miss his presence? Nah. I'm not a big Hulk fan, and it made sense for him to be steering clear of this whole deal.

Ok, so there were a few thoughts I had. I am super excited to catch all the super hero movies this year! The nerd in me rejoiceth!

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