Wednesday, April 6, 2016

nerd fitness: hogwarts running club!

I am not a fitness or sports-inclined person by nature. I'm pretty sure it's in my genes to be the polar opposite, in fact. But I want to like exercise and physical activities, for my physical and mental health and to set a good example to Avery so she'll build a healthy relationship with her own body. So I have worked to find some exercise-related hobbies I can tolerate. My favorite of those is the Hogwarts Running Club!

The short explanation is: you participate in virtual races, paying for registration and awesome Potter-themed medals; the money goes to charity. You can also use the free Charity Miles app to contribute your miles-aka-points to your chosen House for the Hogwarts House Cup. That translates into money for charity, too, and doesn't cost you a penny!

However you choose to participate--virtual race events, the House Cup competition through Charity Miles, or both--it's a great, nerdy motivator to get out there and exercise AND to do some good. Lots of the participants are ΓΌber-marathoners who run miles and miles every day, which is awesome. But lots more are exercise n00bs like me who need this motivation just to do any exercise at all.
I'm pretty excited, because Monday night I completed the last of the mileage I needed to earn the medal for the current race, the Umbridge Run, aka “The Final Inaugural ‘I Must Not Tell Lies’ Dolores Jane Umbridge Run 13k…Or Until It Sinks In.” I used this race as a motivator to exercise, not purchasing the registration / medal until I'd completed it. I chose to complete this race on my stationary bike at home, logging over 20 miles over the course of 3 weeks to get in the cycling equivalent mileage to 13K at the 2.5:1 rate HRC goes by. 

For someone as out of shape and lacking fitness gumption as me, that was quite a feat. I completed my miles in the evenings after Avery went to bed, and finished my 20 miles in 21 days. I can't wait to get my medal (one of Umbridge's horrendously saccharine cat plates!) and I can't wait for the next event to motivate me to exercise!

If you're looking for a way to ease into regular exercise like me, or if you're a running / cycling aficionado looking for something to spice up your routine, I highly recommend taking a look at Hogwarts Running Club! You can have lots of fun exercising and do #somuchgood!

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