Thursday, April 7, 2016

happy first birthday, avery!

Today was the big day--Avery's first birthday! The weather was crummy, so our original plan of taking her to the zoo didn't pan out (yet). So we followed our backup plan, which started with breakfast out at our favorite local breakfast diner.

We also did some shopping, buying a few new toys and books. In the afternoon we visited a pet store for a little something different, and to get a chance to see some animals anyway. (We are definitely an adopt-don't-shop family, but we're not above going just to take a peek.) Avy got strawberry shortcake for a birthday treat, and a yummy spaghetti dinner made by Dad!

Still, as fun as parts of the day be lying if I didn't mention that it was actually a rough day all-around. Little missy was feeling her newfound toddler angst today, and much of the day looked less like the above blog-worthy moments and more like this:

Yeah. Toddler angst. Avy decided to get a jump on it quickly, I guess.

But it was a good day, all in all. I still can't believe our baby is a year old, and I'm glad we got to spend her birthday together.

I'll leave you with a little month-by-month collage...

Goodnight, and wish me luck with this toddler stuff!

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