Monday, February 22, 2016

current nerding.

Let's face it. The tail end of 2015 was a doozy for nerdkind, what with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And now that we're nearly through the second month of 2016, things have quieted down on the geek front considerably. Yes, it's a little bit of a letdown to come off that excitement and not have anything quite that big to look forward to for awhile. That said, this winter and spring still have plenty of nerdy fun to offer!

Here is a bit of what I've been nerding out over lately:

The Walking Dead.

Hooray, TWD is back! It so stresses me out to watch it, even after allowing Mike to share all the detailed spoilers with me that he somehow manages to find online. But I still love it. I love the characters, love the drama...could live without as much gut-wrenching suspense, but I can deal with it for the sake of the show. If they ever do anything to Judith, though, I won't be able to stomach watching it anymore.

Right now, I am crossing my fingers and hoping a more minor character ends up being the one who meets "Lucille." I'm especially fond of Michonne and Denise right now, and I'm kind of fed up with Carol in spite of her feats of covert badassery which were pretty awesome. I'm hoping her story takes an upturn this half of the season.

by moi

Downton Abbey.

The mister and I bought the season on iTunes so that we could binge-watch all the episodes as quickly as possible after the full season release. Ain't nobody got time to wait on PBS to air them all. I must say I am quite sad that Downton is over, though I was pleased with the way it was tied up. Now I am desperate for another period drama with characters as wonderful/awful/funny/charming as the Downton characters! Hook me up with a good lead, somebody!

by moi

Game of Thrones.

I can't wait for the next season of Game of Thrones to air. I have to say, I'm a little bit tired of the Lannisters (except for Tyrion, of course) and Danaerys, but I am so looking forward to seeing how Sansa & Theon and also Arya fare, what's going on with Bran ("Hodor."), and how the Jon Snow thing plays out. My money is on Jon Snow being reanimated by Melisandre. And I have a feeling Lady Stoneheart is going to finally make an appearance! This is all coming from someone who has not read all the books (I got through about 1.5 of them) but is all about cruising the internet for rumors, spoilers, and Wikipedia plot synopses of the books. I know, shame! But we have come to embrace all things spoilery in our house. It's my husband's fault. He can't bear to wait and see how things play out. He has to be in the KNOW. And I can't let him know things that I don't know! So I've accepted the way of the spoiler.

by moi

Call the Midwife.

So, here's another British period drama, and while Downton is on a whole other level, I do love me some Call the Midwife. I mean, Chummy is my spirit animal. I love the drama, the heart warming humor and the babies and Fred and the babies. I was worried how the show would continue on without its main character, but last season was pretty good without miss Jenny. Honestly, I don't think she was ever my favorite character, but I didn't realize it. I hope good good things happen for Trixie this next season, which I believe starts in March.


Honorable mentions:
--I plan to see Deadpool at some point.
--We are also going to need to go see The 5th Wave at some point because the hubby read the book and loved it.
--Would like to find time to see Pride & Prejudice & Zombies with the bestie.
--Lots of other things I can't think of right now, so we will have to revisit this topic again soon!

What are you currently nerding out on?

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