Thursday, January 28, 2016

life with an almost 10 month old.

Having a baby who is almost 10 months old is simultaneously the bee's knees and exceedingly difficult. She is so much fun...and so much work. I mean, obviously, we think we'll keep her. She's totally worth it. But little Miss Avery can be a handful sometimes.

Still, definitely not complaining. Just trying to adjust to each stage as it comes...and then, once we get comfortable, she leaps into the next phase!

Some highlights:

<> She's starting to "talk" more and more. It's still mostly babble which occasionally sounds like mama / dada / papaw / hi / yeah, but she's picking up new consonants and sounds that will be solid words before you know it. She also loves to yell, blow various versions of raspberries, and giggle.

<>She's going to be walking before we know it. She can already take a step or two, when prompted, especially when walking toward mom. ;) She has basically decided to skip the whole crawling thing (which no concerned mom should ever google or else you'll fall down a rabbit hole of anxiety; her doc isn't worried, so I think it's fine). Miss Avery is usually not happy long in any position except standing up to some piece of furniture or holding someone's fingers.

<>Avery is an eating machine. She is trying new foods and likes most of them. With only two teeth, she can't do a whole lot, but she's an old pro at purees, and she has had success with  bananas (her fave), steamed carrots, peas, little bits of watermelon, cereal puffs, and baby crackers. She's a bit on the fence about avocados these days. She used to like them, but has recently starting thinking twice about it.

<>Teething is a big fat bummer. Avery has been working on her top front teeth for about 3 months now, and the dang things still haven't come through! She's a very chill baby normally, but we have this whole Jekyll and Hyde thing going on when her teeth are bothering her. She transforms into a whiny, clingy, fussy baby-monster and has sleep difficulties on those nights. Still, I know we are lucky, because this is not an everyday thing and for the most part she is cool as a cucumber.

<>Playtime is getting more and more fun with Avy. She is constantly learning and becoming more and more adept at interacting with her toys and the world around her. She currently loves banging toys together, playing peek-a-boo with blankets, and putting buckets on her head.

<>She is so AWARE these days. She knows who you're referring to and much of what you're talking about, even though she can't express herself much yet.

<>Avery's favorite things are her brothers/doggies Bean and Link, bananas, her toy pots and pans set, and offering her pacifier to others. Isn't she nice?

Isn't she the cutest? Maybe I'm biased, but I certainly think so.

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